General Building Specifications
1211 6th Avenue Property Owner, LLC
A joint venture between:
Ivanhoé Cambridge in strategic partnership with Callahan Capital Properties.
Exclusive Leasing & Management Agent
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Harrison, Abramovitz & Harris
Year Built
Building Area
2,000,000 RSF
Number of Floors
Floor Sizes
40,000 – 60,000 RSF
Slab Heights
Floors 2-43: 12'0"
Floor 44: 15'0"
Floor Loads
50 lbs. psf live load
Column Spacing
Approx. 28' OC east to west
Approx. 20' OC north to south
Building Access
24-hours / 365 days per year
Building Security
24-hours/365 days per year manned security
Key card access turnstiles
Closed circuit video surveillance system
Rockefeller Center Concourse Access
Direct access via two (2) escalators
Subway Access
Direct access:

Close proximity:
Miconic 10 Destination Dispatch System
Passenger Elevators
32 passenger elevators
Banks: 2-10, 11-22, 23-32, 32-44
Freight Elevators
Three (3) freight cars with 3500 lbs load capacity
Certifications & Awards
LEED® Gold Certified 2015
Energy Star Designation 2008-2009, 2014, 2015
Certificate of SAFETY Act 2009
BOMA 2008-09 Operating Office Building of the Year
BOMA 2010 Middle Atlantic Regional Building of the Year
Chilled water system with a new central plant in basement. Four (4) fan units located on each floor.
Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday 8 am – 6 pm
Supplemental HVAC
85 Tons of Condenser Water available per floor
Telecom System Providers
Teleport Communications, Metropolitan Fiber, AT&T, Verizon, MCI, RGTS, Cogent,
Above Net and Time Warner (cable). Additional carriers available
Cell Coverage
Continuous cell service wired by AT&T
Multiple points of entry
Loading Dock
Two 49' x 13' elevators with 60,000 lb load capacity located on 48th Street
Messenger Center
Access on 47th Street
Life Safety
Critical life safety systems include fire alarm/ class E system. Emergency generator for all life safety systems & elevators
Diesel Caterpillar (800 kw) emergency generator for all life safety systems and elevators